Website Packages

Public Company websites are, of necessity, more complex, simply because these sites serve multiple purposes, and in fact, serve two distinct markets, shareholders and customers. Your website design is, in reality, the image and vital branding component for your business. Bear in mind the importance of your first impression, which, today, comes through the eyes of the visitors to your website.

The IR components of publicly traded company websites will contain different content, primarily due to the interest of those visiting these kinds of site. They are looking to invest in publicly traded companies, so the information presented differs from the commercial site, even from the same public company. Those visiting the site with investment opportunity in mind might be interested in the products of the public company, but they are primarily interested in the financial history, stock performance, earnings statements, all things which would be of little value to commercial visitors. New Media Plus handles this by creating IR Microsites within the main websites, where all that information can be accessed separately from the main focus of the commercial area of a public company website.

The standard public company website package will have multiple components to handle the varying needs of an online presence. On the Commercial portion of the site will be the basic overview of the business, a positioning statement and snapshot of the management team, executives and board members, product offerings, and optionally, an e-commerce section for online sales of the company’s product line, if applicable.

On the IR Microsite portion will be the earnings statements, stock information and historical performance, press releases (finance related) upcoming IR calendar of events, presentations, conference call webcasts, etc.

While a simple commercial website for a small business may only have 10 pages, a comprehensive web site for a publicly traded company might run to 40 or more pages, depending upon the wealth of content available for publication, not counting the actual pagination of financial reports, which will be available as PDF links, usually.

A Premium Publicly Traded Company website presence will incorporate multiple sub-domain sites, most generally used for multiple product offerings, and multiple IR purposes, such as the IR Microsite described above.