Website Design and Development

Being a public company is tough enough already! Every day it gets more competitive and companies are vying for capital from the same pool of investors. NewMediaPlus gives you a competitive edge by creating a memorable and professional website you and other team members can easily manage.

The first step in creating a strong internet presence is developing a professional website. Your website speaks volumes to your customers, employees, shareholder and the investment community.

Most public companies get extremely frustrated with website development and view it as a necessary evil. Furthermore, working with web developers can be very challenging; they don’t keep normal business hours, rarely finish a project on time, hard to get a hold of, prefer to communicate via email, and often make each project out to be more difficult than it really is. The biggest problems are that they have full control of your website and seldom provide you with copies of their work, if ever.

NewMediaPlus alleviates all of the typical problems publicly traded companies are faced with by providing cost effective, real time solutions to web development and managing your online presence. NewMediaPlus starts with 1-on-1 interaction with each public company to gain a full understanding of their business and then develops a campaign around their needs.  NewMediaPlus offers the highest level of customer service with knowledgeable staff members eliminating any intimidation and answering any questions you may have.

NewMediaPlus will provides public companies with the following tools to manage their online presence; CMS (Content Management System) to design/manage your website, ecommerce enabled, advanced search engine optimization, social media integration and more!

NewMediaPlus will integrate social media, develops a strong Investor Relations section and will launch a corporate blog. The corporate blog will be for all communications the company has pertaining to investors and the public markets. The corporate blog can also be used for company announcements to create additional pages of content to be indexed by the search engines.

NewMediaPlus will create multiple “Call to Actions” throughout the website to convert online viewers to customers and investors.

Training. NewMediaPlus will train representatives from your company on how to use and manage your new website. If needed, a NewMediaPlus representative will visit your office for on-site training.

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