Social Media Services

NewMediaPlus assists public companies by managing all aspects of social media so you can focus on running your business!

Every public company receives 1-on-1 interaction with members of the NewMediaPlus team who understand your industry and target demographics. NewMediaPlus advises you on how to effectively market your new social media assets throughout your network. NewMediaPlus also positions each social media assets within the social networks for maximum exposure. We update content changes, changing and updating images and/or design, announcing new promotions and changing status updates.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

NewMediaPlus develops strong, customized social media strategies for public companies which builds long-lasting relationships between your customers in addition to your shareholders.

Social Media Asset Setup, Branding and Maintenance

NewMediaPlus will setup social media assets branded for each social strategy. Social media strategies include setting up social media assets for the following types on new media and social networks; popular social networking sites, financial websites/networks, social bookmarking sites, photo, video and presentation sharing websites/networks, blogging and micro-blogging websites and miscellaneous niche social networks (depending on industry).

NewMediaPlus will populate the social media assets (accounts/profiles) with text, photos, videos, literature and other content provided by the publicly traded company. NewMediaPlus will customize the social media assets to increase social engagement. The Company will utilize these social media assets to communicate with customers, businesses, shareholders and the investment community.

Social Media Marketing

NewMediaPlus will aggressively build targeted audiences (seeding) of targeted individuals and businesses. The goal is to build an audience on each social network to achieve maximum brand awareness and create “call to actions” to drive traffic to the public company’s website. The content which will be disseminated through these social media assets will be related to the audience of for the social media strategy.

Additional Services

As part of the social strategy, NewMediaPlus will design a corporate blog and social media landing pages. All content which will be disseminated through social media will initially be published on the corporate blog. The purpose of this strategy is twofold; having more pages will result in better SEO (search engine optimization) for your website and this will ensure that we distribute content which is public information and approved by you! The purpose of the social media landing page is to list all official social media assets in one location so investors and customers can easily connect with your company. In addition, this creates more pages and aids in additional SEO for desired keywords.