Social Media Process

Each public company goes through our “3 Steps to Social Media” program.

Step 1: During the initial consultation, a NewMediaPlus representative spends time with you to learn about your business and identify your goals and objectives with social media.

Step 2: NewMediaPlus develops a strategy to maximize your online exposure by creating a custom internet and social media campaign. NewMediaPlus helps you identify the most relevant new and social media platforms from which your company can benefit the most.

Step 3: NewMediaPlus will create, build out, maintain and promote each of your social media assets. There are dozens of new and social media websites/platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Linked In and Twitter which offer exposure for your company and projects.

Initially, you or another representative from your company will need to be available to answer questions about your business, provide input and materials needed for us to develop the social media strategy. Your prompt response is needed to review and provide approval on creative deliverables.

On an ongoing basis, you will interface with a NewMediaPlus social media consultant (expert) weekly to discuss progress, request additional information, and discuss trends and other items as they come up. This weekly meeting should last approximately 15-45 minutes. NewMediaPlus will have a monthly management interface meeting to discuss the success of your campaigns.

Each public company should select and designate an employee to represent your company throughout the social media campaign on specific social media assets. The intent is to “humanize” conversations by identifying a person with your publicly traded company. 

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