Social Media Campaigns – Social Strategies

Our social media marketing services are designed for publicly traded companies that want to effectively build a powerful online audience to reach customers, shareholders and potential investors. There is nothing a company can do to generate better brand exposure than a well-executed social media strategy.         

“A study of Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. found that, “very few companies are delving into social media for Investor Relations. A survey of 270 investor relations officers and CFOs found that just 12.5 percent used social media to disseminate financial information to shareholders and markets, and only 3 percent of large companies (those with $500 million and more in annual sales) used social media as part of their investor relations”.  - Read more about this in the comprehensive 46 page case study called “Social Media Opportunities for Public Companies.”

This means if you start with social media now, you will have first mover advantage over your competitors!

NewMediaPlus develops strong, customized social media strategies for public companies which builds long-lasting relationships between their customers in addition to their shareholders. Developing successful social strategies takes a lot of planning and a lot of hard work! There are many variables which must be taken into consideration such as determining who your target audiences are. For most public companies, the goal is to grow your business, increase revenues and target new customers, new business relationships, vendors and other groups who will assist in your success. As a public company, you should also target individual investors such as your shareholders, potential shareholders and the investment community for investor awareness. For this reason NewMediaPlus suggests creating 2 (two) sets of social media assets. The purpose of separating the social media assets is so you send information which is relevant to each audience. An example would be Apple. While Apple has a very engaged and loyal following, their customers are probably not interested in receiving information about their current earnings report.

Targeting the investment community:

NewMediaPlus will setup social media assets branded with the public company’s name, stock symbol and logo. Your public company will utilize this set of social media assets to communicate with shareholders, potential shareholders and the investment community. The content which will be disseminated through these social media assets will be related to the financial aspect of their business.

Targeting customers and businesses not related to the stock market:

NewMediaPlus will setup social media assets branded with the company’s name and logo. This set of social media assets will be used to drive sales and overall branding through valuable online promotions, coupons, discounts and other viral incentives. NewMediaPlus works with each public company to further identify their target demographics.

As part of the social strategy, NewMediaPlus will design a corporate blog and social media landing pages. All content which will be disseminated through social media will initially be published on the corporate blog. The purpose of this strategy is twofold; having more pages will result in better SEO (search engine optimization) for your website and this will ensure that we distribute content which is public information and approved by you! The purpose of the social media landing page is to list all official social media assets in one location so investors and customers can easily connect with your company. In addition, this creates more pages and aids in additional SEO for desired keywords.

Get engaged with social media today! You owe it your shareholders!