Online Advertising Overview

A large number of public companies are realizing that traditional media is not as effective as it once was. Our experience tells us that publicly traded companies have budgeted more advertising and marketing dollars than ever before ... only to achieve less than satisfactory results.

Online Advertising has grown consistently year after year, and public companies are starting to take notice. Traditional media takes a shotgun approach based on generalized demographics, whereas Online Advertising communicates to an exact, targeted demographic, and has the capability to engage customers through interactive online conversations, opinion polls and surveys. 21st century web sites need to maximize the impact of the Social Media phenomenon, and not treat Social Media simply as a marketing tool, it is far from just that! This ability to engage visitors to your site is unparalleled in the effective use of resources, if you utilize it correctly, and that is exactly where our expertise in dealing with public companies comes into play.

Online advertising is so flexible that any public company can adopt an online advertising strategy. Here you can track leads per advertising keyword, track the cost per lead, and track the dollar cost per sale. Only online advertising allows you to select the keywords for your online advertising campaign and track the effectiveness of each and every keyword in terms of sales and revenues. This is the ultimate power of online advertising.

The problem, like social media,  is that most companies don’t know where to begin!

NewMediaPlus meets with each public company to discuss its marketing goals and objectives. Every business has different needs, so there is no cookie-cutter solution as there has been with traditional media. Once the objectives and target markets are identified, NewMediaPlus formulates a strategic campaign to effectively market to ideal demographics. This might take the form of stock offerings or just information about the public company’s stock, including investment highlights and history.

Campaigns range from budgets starting at $1,000 per month to over $15,000. Regardless of the budget, NewMediaPlus delivers targeted solutions, ultimately leading to increased revenues.

Contact us today so we can learn about your online advertising needs and put together a customized solution for you.