IR Micro-Site

The Investor Relations section of your new website will be its own Micro-Site with its own menu. The home page will include components/modules specific to the Investor section. Each page within the Investor Micro-Site will include strong “Call to Actions.”

New Media Plus will suggest free components to pull financial data and basic SEC information will be pulled in from free financial data websites. Premium SEC information is available for a monthly fee. All pages will be optimized for the search engines.

Sample Outline for Investors – Micro-Site

  1. Investor Relations Homepage
    1. Overview
      1. Investor Presentation(s)
      2. Fact sheet
  2. Media + PR
    1. Corporate/Financial Blog
    2. Financial News
    3. Press Releases
    4. Media Coverage
    5. Contact
  3. Corporate Governance
    1. Management
    2. Board of Directors
  4. Financial Information
    1. Annual Report(s)
    2. Stock Quote & Charts
    3. SEC Filings
    4. Coverage
    5. Professionals (Transfer Agents, Accountants, Legal & other professionals)
  5. Financial Social Media Asset Landing Page
  6. Request Information
  7. Contact IR

NewMediaPlus has relationships with multiple financial data vendors. We can work together to determine the best most cost effective way to get financial data on your website such as stock quotes, SEC filings, historical data, charts and other valuable financial information for your shareholders. Financial data is provided by 3rd parties and would be an additional, separate expense from NewMediaPlus.