Graphic Design Services

There are multiple choices out there for graphic design services, ranging from your buddies nephew who stays up all night drinking red bulls to well-established firms with huge staffs and huge costs to you. The real questions are:

  • What is their record of dealing with publicly traded companies?
  • What experience do they have with public companies?
  • What do they know about individual public companies and the stock markets?

Would you trust the future of your business to someone who has little to no experience with public companies, or no knowledge of the intricacies of the Stock markets, or how and what type of communications a publicly traded company must produce?

A comprehensive design concept will include architecture and navigation concerns, content creation, multiple sub-domain web page or landing page incorporation to the overall design, and the hosting or webmaster services incorporation while seamlessly integrated throughout.

NewMediaPlus has the knowledge of public companies developed through years of experience in dealing with all needs of a public company. Some of our Graphic Design Services include:

  • Professional Website Design and Layout
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity
    • Business Cards
    • Letterhead
    • Presentation Folders
  • Annual Report Design
    • Print and/or online
  • Direct Mail
    • Shareholder letters
    • Press Release Printing
  • Video Introductions
  • Commercials and Corporate Video Profiles  
  • All Types of Marketing Materials
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Promotional Items

In addition to design, we have really good prices on printing! Contact us today with your design needs and we will turn it around quickly for you!