NewMediaPlus created this case study to demonstrate the power and importance of social media for publicly traded companies. This case study is unique as it will have ongoing 30-, 60- and 90-day reviews and updates showing the client’s progress, as well as the increased growth in its online audience and total exposure.

A study of Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. found that, “very few companies are delving into social media for Investor Relations (IR). A survey of 270 investor relations officers and CFOs found that just 12.5 percent used social media to disseminate financial information to shareholders and markets, and only 3 percent of large companies (those with $500 million and more in annual sales) used social media as part of their investor relations.

Most public companies understand they should be participating in social media; however, they have not prepared a social strategy or do not know where to start. Setting up profiles on popular social networks might seem like the logical first step, but without a plan, companies could have a negative experience with social media. It is better to do nothing in lieu of having non-active social media assets.

NewMediaPlus evaluated the social strategy of Player’s Network, Inc., a publicly traded media company. After full review of its social media assets and current strategy, NewMediaPlus met with Players Network to clearly identify its goals and objectives for participating in social media. After due diligence on the company and the company’s industry, NewMediaPlus developed an in-depth social media strategy, including but not limited to, creating a campaign, establishing and further developing social media assets, and creating and deploying a marketing schedule.


  • How does social media drive revenue, attract new customers and create interest from potential investors?
  • How do public companies develop a social media marketing strategy?
  • How do companies get started using social media and keep generating content?
  • How do public companies start and manage conversations about their company?
  • What are the best practices?
  • How do public companies measure ROI?
  • How can public companies benefit from using social media as the primary method of corporate communications?
  • How do public companies resource the time needed for social media?
  • How can blogs drive business?
  • How does the B2B application of social media for public companies work?
  • How can social media support offline marketing efforts?
  • How is the acquisition cost for new customers/investors lower when using social media compared to outbound methods such as direct mail and print advertisements?

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